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Konst & Café
Vivelvägen 2
311 92 Falkenberg


Experience the silence and enjoy the view

Where the seashore meadow of Halland meets the old coast road, less than 10 kilometres south of the city of Falkenberg, lies the Ringsegården Konst & Café( Ringsegården Art and Café). Here the kestrel is hovering and the seashore magpie is rapidly running between the tussocks in its search for food. Nearby the country estate, sheep and cattle are grazing to maintain an open countryside. Here you can relax for a while in a calm and pleasant environment, experience the silence and enjoy the view. Ringsegården Konst & Café is a country estate of art - a "meeting point" where the nature is in the centre.

During 2007 we will show several new exhibitions.  Enjoy the exhibition of Gunnar Brusewitz, where you through watercolours, drawings and books can follow his generous and varying works. Furthermore well-known nature artists and craftsmen will occasionally show their works in separate exhibitions. Take the chance and have a break in our café and try the "Waffle", other sandwiches and buns for coffee etc. During the coffee break you can contemplate the view over the blue waves of Kattegatt rolling in towards the sandy beach of Ringsegården.

We are also provided with a present shop selling objects related to our exhibitions. For instance art prints, books, postcards and similar. Welcome to experience the atmosphere with your own senses

Cordial greetings!

Brittmarie and Håkan Janson with staff      



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